SOBE Cash Payout Programs

60% of All Signups & 50% for Recurring Subscriptions

As a SOBE Cash affiliate you will receive 60% for all subscription signups referred from your affiliate ID. Anytime you refer one of your website visitors to any of our websites, a non-expiring cookie is activated for that visitor. This means if the user does not make a purchase on his first visit but comes back 2 weeks later and makes a subscription purchase you will still receive the 60% commission for the sale.

Not only will you receive 60% of the subscription signup, but you will also receive 50% every time the subscription renews for the life of the subscription. Subscriptions automatically renew every 30 days until cancelled.

As a SOBE Cash affiliate your affiliate control panel automatically creates all promotional tools such as banners, galleries, links, etc. with your affiliate ID.

12% Webmaster Referral Program

We also offer 12% of all sales by an affiliate referred by you using your affiliate ID. This means if another webmaster becomes an affiliate using your affiliate ID you will receive 12% of all subscription sales by that affiliate. A great way to increase revenue with little effort!